HSE, QA and CSR in Tratec

We at Tratec want our company to be a safe place to work, and our employees enjoying their work. This is our foundation for providing great solutions, products and services at the right quality and price.

At Tratec we believe that our performance will be great when we enjoy our work. Safety should always be in focus, and we are all responsible for each other's and our own safety at work every day. At Tratec it should be enjoyable and safe for everyone to be at work.

Health, safety and environment

All employees in Tratec are obliged to exercise caution by taking care of themselves, colleagues and the external environment. We believe that all injuries and accidents can be prevented by continuously improving our safety attitude, working safely, ensuring a safe working environment, and taking care of the external environment for future generations. This is possible through proactively support of HSE leadership, which have the strength to put demands and expectations for employee’s safety attitudes. We are all obligated to report and take responsibility for situations involving risk within safety, health and the external environment. We at Tratec are continuously working on improving the working conditions, so that it becomes a safe place to work, and our employees enjoy their work. When we make decisions, and processes are established, these shall be based on the principle that HSE has been assured at all levels. We want to show our employees, our customers, and surroundings that HSE is of the highest priority at our company.

Quality assurance

We at Tratec believe that mistakes can be avoided by continuously developing positive attitudes towards quality assurance by all employees. Our customers and partners rely on us to deliver products and services at the right quality. For us this means that we have the necessary expertise to provide great solutions, and right quality products and services at competitive prices. In practice, this means that we are constantly developing and improving our processes and quality management systems. A project delivered by Tratec shall be a quality stamp of a well-executed project. We set high standards for ourselves, so that our customers shall be satisfied. Several companies in Tratec are certified according to international standards, such as ISO 9001, EN 1090, EN ISO 3834 and other industry standards.

Corporate social responsibility

At Tratec, CSR is about responsible value creation, and that we produce systems and services in a profitable, responsible and sustainable manner. Our business is aligned so that it can continue to operate profitably in the future based on the same natural resources, and with the support of society and all employees. We work with CSR, because it gives us an overview of risks related to political, social and external environmental conditions. Any problems associated with this can be prevented or solved and new business opportunities maybe open. We are a company where our employees are proud and motivated to work for Tratec.

 We have the following core areas for corporate social responsibility:

  • Human rights - respect human dignity.
  • Working environment - ensure suitable and safe working conditions.
  • Environment - avoid harmful environmental impact and contribute to sustainable development.
  • Anti-corruption – prevent corruption in all forms.
  • Society - contribute positively to the surrounding community.

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