Leading manufacturer of complete, intelligent baggage handling solutions.

Controlled by BRAINS® Baggage Routing and Information System
Leading manufacturer of complete, intelligent baggage handling solutions.

Tratec has been the supplier of baggage solutions for the last 5 decades to airports all over the world.

Our specialty is solutions for small and medium sized Baggage terminals. We can supply custom made check-in sets consisting of weight conveyors, label conveyors and induction conveyors. All standard equipment for check-in sets are stainless steel, fitted with turning equipment according to customer needs.

We design, produce, and install complete systems for baggage handling. From concept and design to finished installation. Our solutions have a good reputation, both nationally and internationally.

Nationally we are now upgrading the overall security of the baggage handling systems, according to new screening regulations for all the Airports in Norway, under the direction of Avinor.

In the international arena we have handled large and challenging deliveries to airports such as:
  • Madrid Barajas Airport
  • Brussels Airport
  • Munich Airport
  • Ben Gurion International Airport
  • Noi Bai Vietnam
  • Copenhagen Airport
  • Pamplona
  • Santiago de Compostela
  • Billund

Currently we are supplying a new baggage solution at Tromsø Airport in Norway. The project takes into account both flexibility and resilience in order to handle the passenger increase, and it is adapted for future reconstruction, adjustment and expansions.


We have trained service personnel with detailed knowledge of all the products we deliver. We offer service contracts with both periodic and support maintenance. We also perform remote maintenance service through our telephone service arrangements. For more information about the service please contact our marketing department.

We perform:
  • Mechanical troubleshooting, adjustment and replacement
  • Replacement and maintenance of belts
  • Replacement and maintenance of drives, bearings and all conveyor equipment
  • Condition monitoring / annual check

On 23 December 2022, we acquired the automated logistics and baggage handling business from Sensec Solutions AS.

The BRAINS® system consist of a range of custom applications within intelligent and automated baggage handling, such as:

  • BRAINS® Departure Planner
  • BRAINS® Arrival Planner
  • BRAINS® Routing and Sorting
  • BRAINS® Manual Coding Station (MCS)
  • BRAINS® Security Stations (Level 2 and 3/4)
  • BRAINS® Transfer Registration Station
  • BRAINS® Livedata (Bag Flow Business Intelligence and Prediction)
  • BRAINS® Material Flow
  • BRAINS® System Monitor

We will now be able to invest in advanced automation solutions within logistics and baggage handling, for the whole of Europe.

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