Container filling conveyors

Telescopic shuttle conveyors for filling bulk material to mobile containers
Container filling conveyors

It is specially designed shuttle telescopic conveyor for filling bulk material in mobile containers but also other kind of mobile vehicles. Our telescopic belt conveyors are suitable for most requirements of easy and efficient material loading. Mounted inside the bridge which has possibilty to adjust unloading height. Conveyor outlet position is fully adjustable during unloading which ensure even fylling of the container.


  • Suitable for loading all kinds of vehicles - trucks, trailers, vans, containers and wagons.
  • Suitable for all types of bulk material.
  • Conveyor variable distances from the loading point of the storage area to unloading point.
  • Length of the conveyor can be varied as the vehicle fills up.
  • Hydraulic or electrical actuators system for inclination variation for easy reach to every point inside the container.
  • Different range of chassis available.

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