Raw material handling, transport and storage system

Material supply system for the Si-metal furnace
Raw material handling, transport and storage system

Tratec Solutions supplied raw material supply system for the Si-metal new furnace at one of the Norwegian locationproducer. Raw material handling is automatically delivery of raw materials to the furnace using a given mix order. The material handling system consist of different machine types, connected in one line. The system starts outdoor from reception unit and ends at the charging feeders which supply raw material directly to the furnace.

Equipment list supply to the project

1. Receptional unit with vibration feeder

Reception bin is designed to receive different kind of material for the day bins from a front-end loader. Vibration feeder discharges the material from the reception bin into the flexowell conveyor.

2. Steep angle conveyor with flexible walls belt (Flexowell)

The Flexowell is receiving material from the Vibration feeder and transports the material up to the Belt Conveyor in the center of day bins.

3. Bridge belt conveyor

This Belt conveyor is receiving material from the Flexowell and transports the material up to the belt conveyor located in the building above Day bins.

4. Belt conveyor above material bins

This intermediate Belt conveyor is receiving material from the Bridge conveyor and transport to the shuttle conveyor.

5. Shuttle conveyor above material bins

The Shuttle Conveyor is receiving material from the Conveyor above. The Shuttle Conveyor handles all different raw materials for the process and moves to the correct bin by signal from control system and operator. All belts onboard the Shuttle are reversible in order to serve all Day Bin loading points. Stationary platforms have been installed on both sides to have good access for maintenance and inspection of this conveyor and the intermediate conveyor above.

6. Weighing system under storage bins

The weighing system located under bins consist of electromagnetic vibration feeders and weighing hoppers. Those machines are used for empting bins in a sequence, creating layers of materials on the conveyor below, called "sandwich belt".

Tratec Agdermaskin has supplied 4 weighing hoppers and 16 vibration feeders to this part of the system.

7. Sandwich belt conveyor

The sandwich belt transports the raw material mix to a Flexowell which lifts the material up to the conveyor system above furnace that distributes the material mix to the desired furnace bin.

8. Steep angle conveyor with flexible walls belt (Flexowell)

This conveyor is receiving material from Sandwich belt and transports material 20m above ground level, above the furnace. The Flexowell is equipped with an impact roller installed on the belt after material has left the conveyor. The impact roller secure that remaining material is released from the belt and into the outlet chute.

10. Shuttle conveyors system

The first conveyor after the Flexowell is the reversible transverse conveyor. This conveyor can deliver material to the left or right shuttle conveyor. The shuttle conveyor travels to and stops at the desired furnace bin/by-pass, all automatic controlled by process requirements. Conveyors are equipped with platforms on both sides to have good access for maintenance and inspection.

11. Furnace charging system

The Charging Equipment consists of storage bins, charging feeders and tubes for controlled charging of raw material mix into the furnace process. This furnace has 10 charging positions, 3 per electrode, total 9 peripheral, and 1 in centre. Each position has a separate furnace bin, charging feeder and a tube. The charging tubes are rotating in order to obtain a good distribution of charge mix around the electrodes, thus reducing the requirement of stoking.

The 10 furnace bins are placed in two rows, 5 bins on each side of the furnace, on the electrode floor. The furnace bin for the centre tube is larger since 25-30% of the total furnace consumption is passing through the centre tube. This allows for quick charging of correction material to the desired electrode(s) since the bin design will prioritize material feeding from by-pass channel.

The vibration feeders transport material from the furnace bins outlets into the rotating charging tube, one feeder for each bin/tube. The vibrating feeder chassis is powered by two unbalance vibration motors. The vibration feeder is supported on damping spiral springs, which form a flexible transition to a fixed support structure. The weight of the vibration feeder has been accurately balanced with the vibration motors to give optimum transport and lifetime.

12. Briquette system

The system consist of 2 docking bins, docking bin station with heating and ventilation system, feeding station with vibration feeder, conveyor and rotating chute which can supplies briquette material to 3 electrodes.

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