Complete silo systems with a broad range of output handling and feeding solutions

Tratec Solutions is an experienced and highly skilled supplied of silo systems for all types of challenging bulk materials. Many of our silo have been patented by the company for several decades. Our silo systems are usually delivered together with a unique output system such as sliding frame, push floor discharger, vibration feeders, to provide steady output of materials which are challenging to handle.

Silo can be installed outdoor on dedicated frame support, with waterproof covers or indoor silo mounted on frame supports or concrete pedestals. Tratec supplies also mobile silo, lifted by a crane used for feeding, storage, transport and weigihing of the bulk material.

Our silo can be equipped with air canons, pneumatic hammers, vibration motors - all for easier discharging of silo.

Weighing cells are also often part of the delivery.

Silos are available in a wide range of sizes and arrangements for different applications. Some are designed to feed into ongoing processes, others are used to collect material and load directly into road or rail transport.

Silo bottom examples:
Sliding frame
Pushfloor discharger

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