The Skip Hoist gets the mass from the loader at ground level and delivers material to the other machine higher up. SEVERAL TONS AT ONE MOVEMENT!

The Skip Hoist is designed to lift 5,5 tons of material.

Main parts of the ship hoist are steel frame, skip, winches, sheaves and steel wires.

The Skip has a volume of 5.7 m3 (water volume) and is equipped with 30 mm rubber wear plates.

The Skip Hoist is powered by two 6 tons electric winches. During operation the Skip can be lifted to the 7,5m height where the material is emptied.

The Skip has four wheels running in four internal rails installed to the stationary frame.

Designed speed is 0 – 14 m/min. The winches are installed on the floor, while the sheaves are installed on top of the steel structure. In order to prevent contact between the front loader and the skip, a steel barrier and wheel stoppers are installed in front of the ship hoist. Loading can only take place when the skip (bucket) is in the lower position.

Front loader operator can drive in and pour material into the skip.

The Skip Hoist is started by remote control and the winches drives the bucket to the end of the ship hoist and empties the material for the further process. After 6 seconds, the bucket returns to its starting position. At that moment, the light curtain turns off, traffic light changes to the green and the front loader operator can supply again the material into the bucket and the process repeats.

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